Bleeding Love

The project aims at contributing to the prevention of domestic and dating violence against lesbians and transwomen in selected countries in the EU. It will investigate causes of domestic and dating violence; characteristics of abusers and modality of violence. In more detail it is the first attempt to gather data on domestic and dating violence against lesbians and transwomen by collecting both legal texts and regulations, as well as national legislation, and good practices to prevent or resolve the occurrence of intimate violence.

Allen Lane Foundation

The Allen Lane Foundation is a grant-making trust set up in 1966 by the late Sir Allen Lane, founder of Penguin Books, to support general charitable causes. 

Newham Council

Newham London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Newham. 


Since it began as the one-year Daphne Initiative in 1997, ‘Daphne’ has become an important part of NGO and public authority action in Europe.  This programme to combat violence against children, young people and women in Europe, and to support victims and reduce vulnerability to violence, has brought together the experience of hundreds of individuals and organizations and has broken new ground in research and action in favor of Europe’s most vulnerable citizens.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a charity that funds thousands of projects in the UK and worldwide. The charity's aim is to 'bring about positive and lasting change in the lives of poor and disadvantaged people, which we believe requires investing in work that addresses people's immediate needs as well as tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice'. Comic Relief organises Red Nose Day, a biennial telethon, in March every year. 

London Councils

London Councils fund the Domestic Abuse Partnership in London, which is a group of LGBT organisations working in partnership to ensure people who have experienced domestic abuse get the maximum amount of help with a minimum amount of hassle. The DAP is open to any LGBT person experiencing domestic violence or abuse who is living or working in London. Call 0300 999 5428 or visit the DAP website.

Home Office

The Home Office is our main funder, enabling us to provide our core services

The Home Office leads on immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime policy and counter-terrorism and works to ensure visible, responsive and accountable policing in the UK.

The Home Office is a ministerial department, supported by 27 agencies and public bodies.