What is a Sanctuary Scheme?

A Sanctuary Scheme allows victims to remain in their home whilst they are experiencing the problems that arise as a result of domestic violence.

The primary aim of a Sanctuary Scheme is to increase the housing options available to victims of domestic violence. This prevents homelessness and also upheaval and disruption to family life caused by moving into temporary accommodation or a refuge away from family or support networks.

What does it provide?

It provides professionally installed security measures to your house. A crime prevention officer of the local police usually undertakes an assessment of the property and they recommend works that need to be undertaken to create a safe room inside your house. This safe room within the property provides security in the event of a threat of violence until support arrives and is equipped with a phone and sometimes an emergency activated alarm to call for help.

Who is it for?

A Sanctuary Scheme may work for you if you wish to stay in your own home, where it is safe to do so and where the perpetrator no longer lives within the accommodation.

Sanctuary Schemes work as a part of a package of protection and support services, to ensure that you are not only safe inside your home, but also when out and about outside the home.

Who is it not for?

For some people, this scheme will not be appropriate, and it may be safer for you to move into temporary accommodation or refuges and then be re-housed away from your home area.

Who runs the schemes?

Most schemes are operated by the local council and police in partnership with domestic violence forums and the voluntary sector.

For more information contact your local authority and ask to speak to someone in the Housing Department.