Please note: no advice can ever be guaranteed. If you need to send private e-mails or information over the internet, use a secure PC and not that of your abuser. If you have no other choice then here are some tips.

Everything you do on a computer can be tracked, traced and, depending on the skill or applications available to a person, recovered.

How to clear your browser

With all browsers (internet browser, ie. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari...), there are generic ways to remove your tracks, but please be warned, nothing raises suspicion more than a completely empty cache or lack of cookies.

Find out how to clear your internet history.

Be Careful With Your Mobile Phone

If your abuser has access to your phone, please be careful. You should consider getting a pay as you go sim card and keeping it hidden. You can then use this extra sim to reach out for help if needed.

A disposable sim card is also a useful safety measure if you are speaking to people online that you haven't met before. Met someone that wasn't as described or just seemed a little off? You can then dispose of the sim card without them having access to your private phone number.

USB Keys

If you are forced to use your abuser’s PC, there is a range of USB keys that can help you regain some anonymity. They can be preloaded with free mini browsers (like OPERA or Firefox)*.

When you wish to surf the net you plug the key into a USB port and open the browser on the key. This means your tracks, cookies, cache, etc, also remain on the key. You can also get lite (ie, small in size) e-mail applications that can run from a small USB key.

More information on portable applications.

More information on surfing anonymously using Tor.

Your anonymity relies on your ability to remember to remove the key afterwards. It's easy to leave it plugged into a machine.

* Please scan all software you download with a virus checker. AVG is a free resource.

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