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speeches from Broken Rainbow Month Flagship Reception


Hosted by Marlborough Contemporary and funded by Volunteering UCLU, the Broken Rainbow Month Flagship Reception was a great success.

With speeches from Women's Aid and Respect we demonstrated our commitment to working collaboratively across the domestic violence sector. We were also joined by our partner LGBT organisations including members of London's Domestic Abuse Partnership (DAP).

The Lord Paddick told our supporters at the Reception that while he was still a senior police officer, he was in an abusive relationship.

He said: "Things would happen which made me realise things weren’t quite right. Like when I got a birthday card from a longstanding friend and my partner didn’t believe it wasn’t a lover and ripped it up.

"Or when he, as he often did, searched my mobile phone, looked through the contact list and saw 'Bruno' in the list of contacts and again immediately assumed this must be a secret lover and would not believe me for days and days.

"It was only when I stole my bosses address book to show him Bruno was my bosses’ driver he desisted.

"I remember on one occasion being curled up in a ball in the gutter, not very far from Scotland Yard actually, as he was kicking and punching me and thinking how embarrassing if somebody called the police. Here am I, a senior police officer, curled up, being assaulted by my partner."

He added that if Broken Rainbow had existed at the time, he would have had someone to talk to.

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